Do you have some kind of phobia and you don’t know why? Any disease that runs in your family? Any pattern that repeats itself in your life and you would like to heal it? These and other things can be treated with TRR regressive therapy. Regressive therapy is a method to treat emotional problems whose causes are inexplicable or very difficult to identify. This approach find the root of the traumas and provide a solution to the conflicts that we have in the present, seeking their origin in the past. Regressive therapy, as its name suggests, focuses on the recovery of experiences or events that we experienced before but have forgotten.


Do you feel tired? without energy? with frequent headaches? These are some of the causes of a blockage in one of your chakras. When the energy of our body is not in balance, it manifests itself in the form of illness, lack of energy… With Reiki we balance the energy of our body allowing physical, mental and emotional healing.


Do you feel lost? You don’t know what decision to make in your life? Tarot cards help you make the best decision for your life, although you can always choose another path… They will guide you on the best path. Let my Tarot cards help you decide what is best for you.


Do you feel that patterns are repeated in your life that you don’t know why? Did you know that we return from past lives to resolve conflicts that we did not resolve? With reconstructive regressive therapy towards past lives you will be able to know the reason for all those unresolved questions that you have. Let me help you on your healing path.

Regression to the Maternal Womb:

Did you know that 70% of our traumas happen in the womb? If you have a phobia, a disease with an unknown cause… perhaps the origin is in a trauma generated during your intrauterine stage. Let me guide you in this enriching and healing experience.


Kundalini Yoga is a form of Yoga for everyone, it is not a Yoga with very difficult postures, asanas, it is a Yoga where we work on Pranayama breathing, Meditation and also the physical body, but this is not the only or the main thing. You have free videos to practice Kundalini Yoga with me through MasanaFit YouTube Channel and if you want we can do private classes for one person or for a group. Looking forward to being your kundalini yoga teacher soon.


Do you feel like your life doesn’t fill you up? do you feel lost? you do not know what to do? We are more than a body and we must treat it as a whole and not in parts. Through a consultation with me, we will look at what is happening to you on a general level, looking at traumas, unfulfilled desires of your soul… and so we can begin to heal from the roots.


Do you have difficulties losing or gaining weight? You do not sleep well? high blood pressure? high glucose? Nutrition is very important to begin to heal the physical body, as Hippocrates said: let medicine be your food and your food your medicine. I do not believe in restrictive diets or in the same diet for everyone, each person is different and needs different things. Let’s start together on the right foot in the food of your body.